Nogies Natural Burial Ground
A Place to Leaf Your Mark

Pre Planning

Why pre-plan your burial ?

  • Involve your family in this sensitive topic.
  • Relieve your family of the distraction and confusion of  financial and emotional decisions during a period of great stress and grief.
  • Ensure that  details are arranged according to your wishes.

Many people discuss the idea of a natural burial but do not follow through. Then, when a death occurs, there is no time to explore options and thus they find themselves in a regular cemetery. 

If you want a natural burial, pre plan now while there is time to explore the options.
It is as simple as coming to choose a spot in our forest. Because our intent is to welcome nature lovers year round, it is a place for you and family to enjoy long before you are buried here.

For more information concerning  your burial rights and pre planning you can visit the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services website