Nogies Natural Burial Ground
Nogies Natural Burial Ground

Status update regarding our 'Application to Develop a Cemetery'

 UPDATE - December 2021-  As with many things, COVID put a halt to this project because the approvals process requires the participation of Public Health which, as you can imagine, were not available for this 'non-essential' project.  Although Public Health had said in late September that  they expected to be able to re-engage with this process by late October.  Omicron has changed all that and now the hope is to reengage in March.... So the application process will pause again...     I will move ahead to finalize the burial site plans and begin to fund raise for the trust fund ($165,000. Yes that has increased) which must be in place before I can submit the necessary applications to the Burial Association of Ontario (BAO). 

Past Milestones

Nov 2020 - Kawartha Conservation - Staff biologist visited the property and updated the topographic map to more accurately reflect the location and extent of wetlands, and to include a previously unmapped cold water stream that flows into Nogies Creek.

July 2020 - Kawartha Land Trust- presentation to the board to pursue possibility of a partnership agreement that would provide conservation status for Nogies Natural Burial Ground. The board expressed interest and some concerns particularly concerning business continuity.

June 2020 - the Council of the Municipality of Trent Lakes voted unanimously to 'endorse the concept in principle'.  When all the pieces are in place,  the Application will be presented to Council for their formal approval.  When Council has provided formal approval then the Application will be sent to the .Bereavement Authority of Ontario.

Dec 2019 - Curve Lake First Nation Council - a brief presentation about  my hope  to develop natural  a burial ground within their traditional territory.   The idea was well received and 2 Members of Council volunteered to be ongoing liaison.


Memorial Wreath

Care and Maintenance Trust Fund 

One of the requirements of the application process is that there be an established trust fund of $160,000. This is set up for maintenance and as security for the Municipality in the event that the cemetery is abandoned.   

In a Stand Alone Forested Natural  Burial Ground the  maintenance costs will be very modest.  None of the typical cemetery  maintenance costs will be incurred  eg.  lawn care,  repair to collapsing/eroding grave sites, construction and maintenance of  paved roadways etc.

When we submit our applications we will request consideration of a reduced trust fund to acknowledge these differences.