Nogies Natural Burial Ground
Nogies Natural Burial Ground

The Journey

Since I first walked this beautiful piece of land, I have had a consistent desire to share it in a way that would be both practical and deeply meaningful. I want to draw people here to slow down, unplug and to appreciate and learn from the rhythms of forest life.

Although I can't say just when the idea occurred to me exactly, it became clear that a natural burial ground could be just the thing. The landscape of random piles of rocks scattered here and there among the trees had often drawn me to just sit, reflect and enjoy. Why not work with these resources after the fashion that suggested itself - cairn style graves scattered among the trees for a natural and gentle return to the earth.

It is where I want to be buried wrapped in a shroud and returned to the earth in keeping with the natural cycles of life/death. And if I can get all the necessary permits and approvals for me to be buried here, why not offer the option to others who would appreciate it as well?

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Photo of a tree stump covered in moss and mushrooms
Gentle return to earth